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Crocodil.ru delivers to Russia from the countries of Latin America the dressed leather of crocodiles and alligators, and also products from крокодильей leather. Other our direction is the high-quality dressed cow skins from South America. We shall be glad to cooperation by designers, automobile studio, manufacturers of exclusive clothes and footwear, furniture, say, with everyone who requires reliable deliveries to a natural exotic leather.

Besides we offer scarecrows as crocodiles, and other animals, among which lion, ягуар, the puma, the Latin American bulls, and also the dressed heads and skulls of well-known Texas bulls Лонгхорн. These products will approach both as dear and unusual gift, and for registration of every possible thematic interiors from a country house up to restaurant.


Not a secret, that in the today's market of products from a leather of exotic animals the huge percent is borrowed with actually illicit goods. Some of these animals are brought in the Red book and there are the rigid international and national rules regulating catching of these animals and manufacture of products from their leather, a bone, etc.

In this connection we wish to emphasize especially, that ALL the goods delivered Crocodil.ru are absolutely legal, are delivered from the licensed sources, officially pass all steps of customs clearing and have all appropriate certificates. We work ONLY " in a white way! "
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