The leather of the crocodile during centuries was considered as attribute of style rich and well-known. In an antiquity was considered, that pulling on itself a skin of the killed animal, the person gets its force and magic abilities. Probably subconscious echoes of these beliefs, move the person who decorates with a leather of the crocodile interior of the car. However there is also more pragmatical explanation. The leather of these reptiles possesses a number of the qualities putting it above a leather of other animals, it flexible, but is simultaneously extreme strong and wearproof. Well and certainly, exotic appearance of a leather of an alligator as if is created to arrest to itself a sight.

Besides of a leather of crocodiles make clothes, footwear, bags, etc., also use gentle meat of crocodiles in food. On operating the rule forbids to kill crocodiles, whose length exceeds 1,5 meters, therefore the size of a skin for manufacture is limited by this value. If to remember it the armchair entirely and without the uniform seam becomes clear, that, made ostensibly from крокодильей leather - a doubtless fake. Besides the natural leather of the crocodile and an alligator enough dear material, therefore large products as a rule are limited to inserts and a natural leather.

There are many kinds of group of crocodiles, both fresh-water, and living in salty water, their leather can is essential differs on quality.

How to define authenticity of a product from a leather of the crocodile

Umbilical scar on a skin of an alligator.

The alligator unique of crocodiles at which is this distinctive attribute. It represents паутинообразный a pattern on a belly. Many designers specially place this site in a prominent place to emphasize authenticity of a product.


The leather of alligators and crocodiles extremely flexible, it is much more flexible than products from a leather копытных. Exception is made with a leather каймана which is covered become horny пластинками. At bending on a leather каймана there are cracks between пластинок.

Cervical бугорки

Each kind of the crocodile has a unique pattern from skin выростов on the basis of a nape. On number and an arrangement of these бугорков it is possible to judge an accessory to the certain kind. At an alligator this pattern 2-2-2, at каймана 4-4-2, at the crocodile 4-2.

Times on пластинках

the Most distinctive feature of a leather of the crocodile - times on пластинкаÕ. On each plate for the crocodile is available special волосо¬ which helps it to perceive a leather world around. At manufacture of a leather волосо¬ disappears, but on everyone пластиночкÑ remains tiny it is time, which can be seen close.

Pattern пластинок on a belly

Plate on a belly of an alligator and the crocodile smooth and flexible. They are well painted, because dye in regular intervals gets into a leather. Firm a plate каймана it is bad проницаемы for dye, therefore at painting on пластинках каймана there are wrinkles.

At the crocodile of a plate have more precise square pattern, at an alligator a pattern not such equal and often meet a plate of the wrong form. However a leather of an alligator more smooth. Also the crocodile unlike an alligator does not have umbilical scar.

Pattern lateral пластинок

Lateral a plate of an alligator are identical under the form and are located densely enough. At каймана they are non-uniform under the form and have less dense arrangement.

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